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Are PJ Washington and Jarred Vanderbilt trying to tell us something?

These two are giving out little hints ahead of their NBA Draft decision.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Texas A&M C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

Is PJ Washington trying to tell us something?

Jarred Vanderbilt certainly thinks so.

With the NBA Draft deadline to withdraw approaching quickly, there has been speculation as to what PJ, Vanderbilt and Wenyen Gabriel will ultimately decide to do.

There has been a lot of buzz recently that PJ may be leaning towards keeping his name in the NBA Draft and, likely, get drafted in the second round.

But then Tuesday night, PJ posted this picture on Instagram. Does it mean anything?

Probably not. But could it?

I definitely think so, and I’m not the only one.

Not only is this unusual timing seeing as the deadline to withdraw is a week away, but there are some interesting comments as well.

Vanderbilt seems to think that PJ might be trying to let us know his decision a little early, but PJ says not until the 30th (the deadline to withdraw from the draft).

Also noteworthy is the comment from robstrong621. This is Rob Harris, the strength coach for the UK basketball team. He seems nervous that PJ might be leaving, but then says it was just a joke.

Vanderbilt also hinted at a decision, maybe later in the next week rather than sooner.


A post shared by Jarred Vanderbilt (@jvando_) on

Only in 2018 can we be breaking down the social media feeds of college students to try to figure something out. This is the golden age of sports media.

The two Wildcats have garnered a lot of interest since the season ended, and Washington seems a lock to at least get drafted, as he impressed at the NBA Draft Combine.

Vanderbilt, however, wasn’t able to workout and thus really doesn’t know where scouts have him, but there has been increased interest from NBA executives.

All of this might mean nothing. But I think it means something. It could mean PJ’s leaving, which is what the speculation has been for a couple of weeks now.

However, I think differently. I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that, amidst all the buzz saying otherwise, Vanderbilt and PJ will return to UK for their sophomore seasons.

But that means they lose Gabriel. I think he keeps his name in the draft, goes undrafted, then starts trying to make money for his family in the G League or overseas.

All of this could change if I’m wrong and PJ keeps his name in the draft. In that case, I think Wenyen comes back. But for now, I’m going to say PJ Washington will be in a Kentucky uniform next fall.

What are your thoughts, BBN?