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PJ Washington’s father opens up about NBA Draft decision

A positive development as PJ Washington mulls over his future.

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With May almost here, the Kentucky Wildcats still have plenty of waiting left before PJ Washington makes his decision.

Washington is currently testing the NBA Draft waters without an agent, preserving his option to return to UK for his sophomore season. However, there’s been a lot of buzz that Washington was leaning strongly toward leaving for the draft, regardless of how low his stock was.

Not so fast says Paul Washington.

In an interview with Larry Vaught, the elder Washington said his son has not made a final decision, and any report of him wanting to stay in the draft no matter what are inaccurate.

“That’s all just speculation about what he’s going to do,” he said. “I am amazed to see something almost every day about something P.J. is going to do or not do. I guess that is how some people make money and keep a job by throwing stuff out there

“It’s frustrating to me. Where do they get that stuff? People believe it and form opinions based on that misinformation. It’s crazy. It’s ridiculous. All that stuff is just opinions but the only opinion that matters right now is P.J.’s and he’s still trying to gather all the information he can.”

However, Washington did admit the evaluation his son got from the NBA was good.

I still think Washington is leaning toward staying in the draft, but it is good to hear he’s not in a rush to make that decision. We’ve still got a full month until the deadline to withdraw from the draft.

I fully expect Washington to be invited to the NBA Combine, then go through private workouts with individual teams leading up to the deadline.

And while this news from Paul offers some hope PJ will return, I still am guessing he stays in the draft.

Be sure to read Vaught’s full interview.

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