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Is James Young Looking at a Fall or Spring Decision?

Following up on the earlier reports of a successful unofficial visit from 2013 small forward James Young, 247 Sports' Jerry Meyer caught up with Young's godfather, Sean Mahone, and tried to nail down Young's timeline ($).

Aside from a possible official visit to Kentucky for Big Blue Madness, Young will take an unofficial visit to Michigan State this week. Young also wants to take officials to Kansas and Syracuse, but has not nailed down specific dates for those two schools.

Earlier this summer, Kentucky fans were hopeful that Young would make a fall decision and pick the Wildcats. That's still possible, but not a guarantee, according to Mahone. In fact, contrary to popular belief, Young was always more likely to make a spring decision, but could possibly make a fall decision if he feels comfortable.

"Initially our plan was to let it play out till the spring.


He wanted to use his official visits to be on campus and watch a live game. That way he could see what the program is like during the season.


But in the next couple weeks we are going to sit down and really assess the situation and see where James' heart is. If he comes to a finite and decisive decision, then he will go ahead a commit."

Could a Big Blue Madness visit sway Young's mind into making a fall decision? Stay tuned.