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Kentucky Basketball: 2013's James Young Liked What He Saw At UK This Weekend

Adam Zagoria reports that James Young was pleased with his unofficial visit to Kentucky this weekend, and is now considering jumping in a bit deeper:

James Young enjoyed his weekend visit to Kentucky and is considering taking an official visit there Oct. 12 for Big Blue Madness.

"That is the date that we’re looking at," Sean Mahone, Young’s Godfather, told Monday. "We haven’t committed to it but that’s the date that I know we were asked."

Kentucky has been considered the favorite for Young since he got an offer, and this weekend's visit appears to have cemented that perception, both in Young and in the recruiting observers. Interestingly, Adam Zagoria doubles down on his report of the other day that Andrew and Aaron Harrison might also be on the guest list for Big Blue Madness, although they attended that same event last year.

Mahone, Young's Godfather, says that he hasn't cut his list to just Kentucky and Syracuse as previously thought:

"James hasn’t narrowed it down to two schools and he certainly hasn’t narrowed it down to Syracuse and Kentucky," Mahone said. "The remaining four are Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan State and Syracuse."

To be honest, I think this is mostly recruiting-speak, but you never know what's going on in the mind of a young man.