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Kentucky-Louisville Post-Game Angst

Well, we wanted competitive. And it was. We wanted to see them fight. We did, figuratively and literally. The season is over, folks. Let's group hug.

So, so close.
So, so close.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

To come so close and then lose like that is just agonizing for any Kentucky fan.

But compared to the Tennessee and Georgia games? We looked like the team we wanted to be.

This game was one for the ages. Congrats to the Cards, who were worthy of the hype. This must be what Michigan felt like when Marcus Lee came off the bench and went on a tear. If this was their third string QB, what the heck does the 4th string look like?

I know this will be analyzed to death, so bring it in, take a knee and let's discuss. But keep in mind that no matter how frustrated you are right now: 2 weeks ago, did you think we'd keep it so close? Remember how upset we were with the defense? And look who were the heroes of the game?

We are right on the edge of becoming the program we want to be, Wildcat fans. This one hurts, but keep thinking big picture: and we are almost there.