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Missouri 20 - Kentucky 10: Postgame Lament Thread

The Kentucky Wildcats missed another chance to become bowl-eligible today, losing a tough game to the Missouri Tigers.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I was really hoping the Cats could win today, because I was going to link a clip from UHF that included the commercial for Bowling For Burgers. I'll link it anyway - UHF is hilarious.

Glenn will be along later with the full post-mortem and I imagine Will's recap will appear on Team Speed Kills, but here's a few thoughts until then.

  • Poor tackling again, but the defense mostly did it's job today - this game was lost on the offensive side of the ball.
  • A lot of injuries - hopefully everyone is okay..
  • Onside kick!  At least the special teams made a play to give us a little bit of hope.
  • Drops, drops, and more drops.  I'm beginning to think that Javess Blue used up the year's supply of great catch mojo.
  • Florida - WTH?
  • Mikel Horton's first 6 rushes went for 60 yards.  His next 4 went for 2 yards, but shouldn't he have gotten more than 4?
  • UK was 2-15 on third downs and 1-6 on fourth downs.  Ugh.
  • All that said, UK still has a couple of good shots at getting that 6th win.  Maybe Georgia gets the proverbial "loss that beats you twice", Tennessee can be had even on the road, and Stoops will get two weeks to plan for Louisville.

Use this thread to talk about the game or anything else that strikes your fancy.