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Kentucky Wildcats 3 at LSU Tigers 47: Post Game Lament

Kentucky ran into a buzz saw tonight, and got swallowed up in Tiger Stadium.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Well, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, that game was one we just have to chalk up to "one of those games." Look, we were never likely to win this game, in Death Valley at night when the LSU Tigers faithful could muster 100,000 plus fans. I had no delusions about this game, and I think most of us didn’t either. Kentucky, right now, is a decent football program. LSU, on the other hand, is one of the best football programs in America, and that showed tonight.

Congratulations to our SEC brothers LSU. They really played a good game tonight — not great, but really good. They earned the win, and we were awful in way too many ways to do anything but give a humble bow to our betters. One day, that may change. But it is not this day.

I’m not going to belabor the special teams play, I bitched about it in the second half game thread, and it’s just not proper to wear it out. Suffice it to say that we did a poor job, and need to clean that mess up. I think we tried to be way to clever against a team that we probably should’ve just tried to beat straight up. We might have lost that way, but I think we would’ve been more effective, and perhaps, had a closer game.

The defense played well in the first half, but the offense was so ineffective in the second half that the defense got tired and frankly, just got run over by a deeper, more talented LSU team. If nothing else, this game gives us an idea of what it takes to win on the road in the SEC against the legendary teams, and LSU is one of those. Who knows, maybe one day we can come in and knock off the Tigers in Death Valley. Maybe. But not today.

If you are down about this, Big Blue Nation, don’t be. You don’t go from 2-10 to beating LSU in Tiger Stadium at night in one season. That was never going to happen by other than a miracle, and tonight, there were no miracles available, apparently. That’s okay, in some ways it’s better to get an honest beat down. That way, you learn who you are, and how far you have to go.

Next week, it gets even tougher against Mississippi State. The good news? It’s at home.