John Wall hanging with De'Aaron Fox


Future UK point guard De'Aaron Fox meets one of the greatest to ever wear the blue and white, via Instagram.



UK climbs to No. 12 in the latest ESPN Power Rankings.

Would You Like This as The New Commonwealth Turf?


My Wildcat Friend Willy Sorrel used his photoshop skills and conjured up this rendering based on the new UK logo and some rumors on the turf design, what are your thoughts on if this ends up being the final version?



Welcome to the bluegrass, where we have waves of tanks.

Uh oh. What can this mean?


Coach Cal has apparently come up with something novel, but he's not telling...

UK Only A Basketball School?


98,000 sq. feet of palatial football wonder. Recruiting success probably continues with brand-spanking-new, state-of-the-art facility.

Big Blue Bahamas, Baby!


It's coming soon. Here's your schedule