Strickland Key For Wall, Bledsoe


If you were a top-notch HS PG and wanted an experienced teacher, wouldn't you choose Rod Strickland?

"Bring Back Porter" Shirts


With an open scholly, it seems like as good of an idea as any...I do think the kid deserves to see our appreciation after the last few years.

Gillispie To Houston?


Pieces are coming together but it'll be complicated. Could be perfect spot for him.

16-Year Old Leaves School For Baseball


Bryce Harper will use GED to enter community college and be eligible for 2010 draft.

Jodie Meeks will stay in the draft


Will he sign with an agent? If not, could he possibly pull a Randolph Morris if he doesn't? Just askin'. I think it's a real long shot, and I expect him to sign with an agent soon if he hasn't already.

Are Elite Camps Worth It?


My answer would be: Depends on the altitude of the program's aspirations.

KY-IN All-Star BB


Hoosiers sweep Bluegrass. Girls set scoring record 105-75. Boys win 78-65, Hood 20 and 5.

Hogs Get SEC Off To Good Start


Sort of a sloppy game but Arkansas upsets CSF in CWS 10-6; LSU leads UVA 1-0.

Galloway Was Prepared For Departure


"He didn’t actually kick me off," Galloway said. "He was just really real with me." Young man understands the realities of big-time basketball; with his experiences he should.

Cox On USF Staff


Jeremy Cox, former UK assistant, is not part of Stan Heath's staff in Tampa.