Bledsoe Better Than Wall?


Alabama HS coach who lost to Bledsoe says it's possible.

Pitino press conference


Pitino press conference

Louisville is What Corrupted Pitino.......

I knew it was living in Louisville that did it to Pitino!

Gary Parrish Updates on Duke/Maggette Case


WildcatfaninDC (or some such) linked this article in one of the threads, but I thought it was worth its very own fanshot. Many of us here have referenced the case of Corey Maggette and Myron Piggie in light of the recent Memphis brew-ha-ha. I was unaware of any articles more recent than 2004 on the subject. Parrish updates us and compares the situation with Maggette's eligibility with that of Derrick Rose.

Dickie V Sides With Memphis/Calipari


Vitale says NCAA penalty too harsh and Calipari isn't deserving of slings and arrows.

Hartline goes with the porn 'stache......


Hartline goes with the porn 'stache......

New, Improved, Smarter Gillispie


San Antonio Express News says Gillispie will win again.

The Marcus Camby Story


Interesting (and lengthy) read on the nefarious world of college basketball recruiting. Sorta timely considering the heat our present coach is undergoing.

Should Kentucky be worried about Calipari?


Sorry if this has been posted already. Unfortunately questions surrounding Calipari will never end. Fans have been conditioned to always think the worst even if facts say otherwise. At least most of these commenters admitted that Calipari was not culpable in each instance.