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You can now bet on Rick Pitino and John Calipari becoming the next coach of the Lakers

There may be some money to be made here.

NBA moving forward to eliminate “one-and-done” rule

Basketball at every level could be in for massive change.

New proposal would allow athletes to transfer after coaching change or postseason ban

This may be a more reasonable option than the "free agent" model that is also being discussed.

Tom Jurich ruled the Louisville media with intimidation

For years, Louisville fans scoffed at the notion that Tom Jurich controlled the media in their city. Now, it’s not so funny.

Jay Bilas throws shade at Kentucky

Jay Bilas pulled no punches about Kentucky, even though it’s the third game for a freshman-heavy team.

Max Strong talks Wildcats, tigers, and swimming pigs. Oh my!

Kentucky Wildcats and coaches have a strong social media game, but former UK Specialist Max Strong may have the strongest game of all.

Boom Williams Should Turn Pro Early

Mark Stoops’ first deserved three-and-done.

Kentucky Wildcats Football: New Rules

Now that Mark Stoops and his Wildcats have given the fans what they want, some things need to change.

Giving thanks for the Cats

I admit, I have plenty to be thankful for on this holiday. The Kentucky Wildcats just happen to be one of them, and I’m thankful for the men that lead the programs.

Is Stoops in the SEC Coach of Year Conversation?

With just one more SEC win, Mark Stoops has Kentucky football in a position they have not been in nearly 40 years.

Could this be a reincarnation of the 2006 Kentucky Wildcats?

Both Mark Stoops and Rich Brooks were not beloved characters in season four at Kentucky. Brooks turned it around. Can Stoops?

Stoops’ buyout would be too costly for UK

Buying out Stoops’ contract would be one of the costliest in NCAA history

Isaac Humphries is UK’s most improved player, John Calipari says

John Calipari says Isaac Humphries does not even look like the same player from last season.

UK should NOT switch to a 4-3 Defense

Where’s the napalm?

Leaving the Fear and Loathing Behind

Last year is in the past. I'm ready for some football.

Pitino Talks '96 Team and Not Being Liked

Rick Pitino talks about why the '96 team isn't being honored at Rupp Arena.

The Heartbreaking Journey of Enes Kanter

How Enes Kanter went from a man without a college team to a man without a country or family.

Musings: Football Trophy, UL Circus, Antigua, More

The championship trophy is ridiculous, President James Ramsey is finally out, Orlando Antigua may be as well, and more.

John Calipari Staying Ahead of the Curve

John Calipari has been one of the most successful coaches in college basketball. How does he continue to thrive?

Derek Willis and More Basketball Musings

Derek Willis is just one of the topics that need to be discussed concerning Kentucky Basketball.

Did Cal Take Shots at UofL and RIck Pitino?

Did coach Cal suggest that Rick Pitino knew what was going on with Andre McGee and Katina Powell?

RIP to the John Calipari NBA Rumors

Finally, the nail in the coffin.

No Satellite Camps Is A Bad Thing For The 'Cats

This hurts Kentucky regardless of Mark Stoops' view as of least last summer.

Expectations Should Be Higher - For Once

The pendulum has swung too far towards negative territory. Time for some correcting to reasonable middle ground.

The RPI Must Die

The NCAA is doing a disservice to their member institution by using the RPI.

John Calipari Wrong in "Done and One" Critique

John Calipari took up for a friend and may have contradicted himself in the process.

In Appreciation of Alex Poythress

Give it up for #22 on his final day in Rupp Arena.

Ranking Positions By Recruiting/Developing

Part of recruiting is having an eye for talent a bottom tier P5 program can realistically land, and then working hard at developing those signees. The following is a position-by-position breakdown of Mark Stoops' first two signing classes.

Calipari Still Confident, Are You?

Coach Cal is still confident in his team, but it's time to prove it.

Rick Pitino's Just So Emotional, Baby!

Rick Pitino's explanation for skipping out on the UK-UL press conference is shameless and risible.

The Moment the Honeymoon Ended

There are several reasons why the Mark Stoops Honeymoon has ended, but only one really matters to me.

Sanity Check

Some perspectives have gotten skewed on the 2015 football team.


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