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Benny Snell sets expectations high at SEC Media Days

Snell isn’t shy about sharing his hope to finish next season as the nation’s best running back.

Jeremy Chisenhall

When it comes to running the football, Benny Snell doesn’t back down from anyone.

From how he talked about himself at SEC Media Days, you can tell he approaches his press conferences with that same level of confidence.

Snell didn’t hold anything back during his media availability. While everyone in the Bluegrass knows how insanely talented Snell is, he wants the rest of the nation to see it as well. He believes this next season is where his stardom will reach the level he deserves.

“From my freshman year to now, I feel like I’m the best I’ve ever been. My time is now.”

Snell later went on to declare himself the “best back in the SEC.”

In a conference that’s never short of star running backs, being the best isn’t an easy task. Though, even with Alabama’s Damien Harris and Georgia’s D’Andre Swift returning next year, Snell is primed to back up his claim. He led the SEC last season with 19 rushing touchdowns and finished third in yards with 1,333.

”I know that I’m the best, and I know that I’m going to stick to what I know, which is to keep the chip on my shoulder and to keep getting better each year. I’ve got to pick up my speed and pick up the things that I haven’t been so good at.”

Snell also received quite the commendation from his teammate Josh Allen, who stated Benny is not only the best back in the SEC, but also the “best back in the country.”

The high praise of Benny Snell didn’t end with Allen either. Mark Stoops made sure he chimed in with some of his own.

“There’s been some star running backs in this league and some of them have graduated as you know. There’s been some great players, but Benny is certainly worthy of the hype that he gets because of his consistency.”

Snell will obviously be the focus of Kentucky’s offense next year, so it’s exciting to hear this shared confidence in his abilities. This is all just talk though until they step out onto the field. It’s one thing to say you’re the best before the season starts; you still have to come out and prove it.

Anybody who has seen Snell play can attest he has the ability to back up all this chatter.