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Tyrese Maxey has interesting remark on reclassifying if that’s what UK wants

There’s plenty of reasons for UK to want Maxey in 2019, which is probably why that’s how it plays out.

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The plan continues to be for Tyrese Maxey to remain in the Class of 2019, but the door may not be 100-percent closed.

Since committing to UK in May, Maxey has been adamant that he’ll pass on reclassifying into the 2018 class, despite being able to do this summer if he so chooses.

In an interview with KSR’s TJ Walker, Maxey reiterated that plan, but he did add in an interesting nugget on moving into 2018 if that’s what UK wanted.

On if he’d be able to reclassify if UK asked: Yes sir, I would. I think I have to take a certain class. Maybe two classes, but I haven’t thought about it so far.

Even if it was a matter of what John Calipari wanted Maxey to do, there’s pros and cons for both scenarios.

On one hand, Maxey has improved all throughout the spring and into his Team USA trip, so much that it’s becoming easier to see him being UK’s best guard next season if he’s on the roster.

On another hand, adding Maxey would further crowd an already-loaded backourt that already has Ashton Hagans, Quade Green, Immanuel Quickley, Tyler Herro, Keldon Johnson and Jemarl Baker.

Adding to that, having Maxey as part of the 2019 class allows him to recruit others to join him in Lexington, like one Cole Anthony, who Maxey has been strongly recruiting this spring.

That’s why the safe bet is on Maxey sticking to his original class and being on campus when the 2019-20 season begins.

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