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John Calipari is all for expanding the NCAA Tournament, with certain conditions

As usual, he makes a good point.

Kansas State v Kentucky Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Just a few years after the NCAA Tournament expanded from 64 to 68 teams, the ACC is already pushing a proposal to allow 72 teams in.

Many believe 68 teams is already too many, with 4 play-in games happening to tip-off the big dance. But more teams means more money, and also the potential for more players and coaches to see their dreams come true.

One could assume that the ACC is interested in expanding the field with the potential of getting more of their own teams in, but Kentucky coach John Calipari has a different idea.

According to Brett Murphy, Calipari would only support additional teams getting in if “the 4 (additional) spots would go to mid-majors or lower-level schools.”

Make no mistake, Calipari is a big advocate for his own conference and touts the talent in the SEC every chance he gets. But if the intention of adding more teams to the tournament is to reward the players, he believes that means giving the non-power conference teams more opportunities to go dancing.

With Loyola Chicago making an incredible run to the Final Four and UMBC pulling the 1st ever upset over a No. 1 seed in the opening round, the case to add more lower-level teams is certainly a strong one.

Allowing 72 teams into the tournament would add two additional play-in games to the slate, and there has been little discussion as to what seed those teams would be playing for.

I would be all in on giving a cinderella team an opportunity to make a run by adding more slots to the field. I would be much less excited to see Pitt and Washington State fighting it out for a 12 seed.

What do you think about the potential expansion of the NCAA Tournament field?