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Kevin Knox NBA Draft decision will come by Friday and it will be final

It sounds like Kevin Knox is either coming back or will be gone for good this week.

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Kevin Knox doesn’t appear to be messing around with his NBA Draft decision, at least based on what his father is saying.

In an interview with The Tampa Times, Kevin Knox Sr. said his son’s decision will be revealed by Friday at the latest. He also said that it will be final.

“If Kevin goes, he is going,” Knox Sr. said. “If he stays, he stays. We’re not exploring options. This is it.”

That makes it appear testing the waters is out of the question. Either Knox is committing to returning for his sophomore season, or he’s declaring for the draft and not looking back.

If that’s the case, it’s really hard to say what the decision will be. Knox has given indications he’s willing to come back, so maybe he’s ready to just commit to doing so and worry about the NBA another day.

Or, maybe Knox has been set on leaving for the NBA all along, and it was only a matter of time before he declared to leave for good.

Admittedly, I felt better about UK’s chances of getting Knox back after his dad’s recent comments, but I was thinking Knox would still go through the pre-draft process, then opt to come back unless he was assured of being a top 7-10 pick, or something like that (most mock drafts have him just outside the top 10).

I doubt he got that assurance this soon, so maybe he’s really thinking about returning and boosting his stock for what’s shaping up to be a weaker 2019 draft class.

As of now, I’m still guessing Knox is gone, but he’s already shocked everyone once before.