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Tyrese Maxey opens up about picking UK, why he’s staying in 2019 class

But Maxey doesn’t completely shut the door on coming into 2018.


Tyrese Maxey just showed everyone how you announce a college decision.

Maxey set a decision date, and he followed through with it by announcing right on the dot at 5 pm EST. He didn’t hold a press conference to let others build up his announcement. He didn’t give a lengthy speech. He simply announced his decision and then wrote about it on his USA Today blog.

There, Maxey opened about how special it was to pick UK, and he revealed that the commitment actually happened weeks ago.

‘Kentucky has been my dream school ever since I can remember. I’ve wanted to play for Coach Cal since I saw him coach Derrick Rose. He does a great job of coaching guards and getting them to the next level. It’s a dream come true.”

Maxey also talked about the decision to remain in the Class of 2019, despite all of the buzz that he would move into 2018.

“I know that may shock some of y’all but for me it came down to me just wanting to be a kid for my last year of high school. I just wanted to be around all of my friends and all of my family one last year and I don’t want to pass that up.

“My dream is to be a McDonald’s All American too so I’m just gonna take this year and work hard and do everything possible to make that dream a reality.”

Maxey also said he wanted to stay in 2019 and help build his class of teammates to join him in Lexington.

For what it’s worth, Maxey did tell Evan Daniels that move into 2018 still isn’t completely off the table.

“It could,” Maxed said if there was a possibility of that changing. “Anything is possible, but as of right now I am staying put.”

I think there’s a very real chance that Maxey could decide to reclass after the Nike Peach Jam, but regardless, he’s clearly a special talent and person that the Big Blue Nation is going to fall in love with.

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