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Tyrese Maxey’s father is no longer coaching for SMU Mustangs

This is big news for UK in getting Tyrese Maxey out of Texas.

Tom Fox/Dallas News

Rumors have been swirling all day about John Calipari’s recruitment of Tyrese Maxey.

While there have been a variety of reports about the possibility of him reclassifying from the 2019 class to 2018, one theme has emerged: he is likely to end up at Kentucky.

One big hurdle that has existed in his recruitment since last summer is the fact that his father, Tyrone, was hired to SMU’s coaching staff in August. That is often an indicator that a recruit plans to follow his father.

As of earlier this evening, however, Tyrone Maxey is no longer employed at SMU, according to Jon Rothstein.

This could be a huge development in Maxey’s recruitment, especially combining it with the stories today about him leaning toward Kentucky.

Maxey is the No. 2 point guard in the 2019 class, although he could be No. 1 if Ashton Hagans reclassifies to 2018. But if he also reclassifies, then Maxey is likely to be No. 2 or No. 3 in the 2018 class.

There are so many questions about his recruitment at this point. Does Calipari really want him to reclassify? That is what Maxey himself told Kyle Tucker of SEC Country.

If that is the case, what does it mean for Quade Green? Has he already decided to transfer? If not, will he transfer if Maxey reclassifies and commits to UK?

Or does the continued pursuit of Maxey indicate that Ashton Hagans will not reclassify?

Kentucky fans are used to a little roster shuffling in April every year, but it is usually associated more with departures than recruits. While Calipari usually lands a guy or two this late every year, we have never seen so many dominoes waiting to fall in order to determine the next year’s roster.

If there are any more Maxey updates tonight, we will definitely get them to you tomorrow.