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John Calipari on what will turn him off certain recruits

Calipari opens up about what will lead him to back off certain recruits.

Calipari Sea of Blue

With all of the recruiting scandals in college athletics, John Calipari wants no part of any recruit that’s part of it.

During Calipari’s appearance at SEC Media Day, Calipari was asked about recruits and/or guardians who ask for money or other illegal benefits during said recruitment. We’ve seen recent reports about guys like Zion Williamson and/or his family who were looking for a little extra to commit to a certain school.

Calipari made it clear he’ll have no part in it.

“We walk. We’re not...I’m not going to deal with it,” said Calipari. “If my staff is uncomfortable, there’s other kids.”

The problem is it’s not always as simple as a recruit asking for money. Sometimes it’s money being funneled to someone in the inner circle of said recruit without the coach knowing. Yet in 10 years at Kentucky, Calipari has managed to keep his program in the clean.

But Calipari also said it’s not always asking for something that turns him off of a recruit. Another red flag is recruits disrespecting parents or guardians.

“If he doesn’t have respect (for his own parents), how is he going to respect me or our institution?”

Kentucky isn’t for everyone, and Calipari isn’t going to risk his reputation or put his school in danger for a recruit with red flags, no matter how good he may be.

That should be a statement we could say for every coach in college athletics. Sadly, it’s not, so it’s good to know Calipari is one who’s staying on the straight and narrow during one of the darkest times in the sport’s history.

Hopefully, none of the dark clouds around the sport will find their way to Lexington. If Calipari has his say, they won’t anytime soon.