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Conversation With Smoking Musket About Tonight's Sweet Sixteen Game Between Kentucky and West Virginia

Matt Kirchner of Smoking Musket talks with us about the big game tonight between WVU and UK.

SB Nation

We’re going to be trying something a little different in the Q&A for this game. There’s a new bit of software we’re trying out, and it works like this: The Q&A is interactive between myself and Matt Kirchner of the SB Nation community The Smoking Musket. As the day goes on, we’ll be chatting back and forth, and each time one of us answers the other, it will be reflected below. So this is kind of like having a real-time conversation, except there will be stretches of silence because we both respond when we have time to do so.

At the time of this writing, the conversation had just begun. Check back periodically to see it as it develops.

Let me know how you like this. If it gets enough good feedback, we may continue to do our Q&A’s this way, and perhaps some other things, like round-table discussions as well.