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Ashley Judd Is Serious About Her Kentucky Basketball

Make no mistake, Ashley Judd is a UK basketball fan after our own heart.

Consider this quote from the video below from Ashley Judd on her gameday traditions:

Before the game, I am not social, I am not friendly. I have nothing but contempt for anyone who wants to talk about something other than basketball.

This is so incredibly close to how I am, it’s crazy. I don’t answer the phone during the game unless it’s to have a conversation about Kentucky basketball. I rarely answer the phone the day of the game unless it’s many hours removed, or about Kentucky basketball. The blog is my main outlet for any commentary that gets done by me. Occasionally I’ll tweet, but rarely. I want to focus on the game, and that is all.

In an ideal world, it would just be me and other fans (like my wife) who are completely focused on the game, who have no desire to talk about the weather, or how hot it is in the arena, or how cute the cheerleaders are looking today. Only basketball exists, and only the Kentucky Wildcats are worthy of my attention. Anyone interested in other things should stay out of my life until … after.

When she says, “I have nothing but contempt …” , I totally, completely get that. I feel very similarly. I have absolutely no patience for distractions, for news of the world, or for any interruption in the one thing that permit myself to be completely absorbed into. Drama? Unless it’s related to the game, no. None. Intolerable. Unwanted. Unwelcome. Likely to be met first with exasperation, and then anger.

Yeah, she’s all in. Just like most of us.