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Future Kentucky Wildcat Karl-Anthony Towns Jr. Earns A Poster

This filthy little dunk happened in practice, but it's been heard 'round the world.

So here you have Karl-Anthony Towns Jr. at practice for the Nike Hoop Summit. He decides that he has a path to the rim, and some poor fool decided to put up some token resistance. All he got for his trouble was his picture on KAT's latest poster, featuring a flexing Towns with a primal scream.

Seriously, one of the aspects of Towns' ability that is overlooked is has athleticism. Jonathan Tjarks, in his interview with JC25 the other day, explained it this way:

He's so fluid he doesn't get enough credit for how athletic he is - this is a 7'0 250 guy who did a windmill blindfolded at the dunk contest. He may not be quite as athletic as Cauley-Stein or Noel, but he's on a whole different level in terms of shooting ability and feel for the game. [my emphasis]

In case you are wondering about that blindfolded windmill dunk Tjarks was talking about, here we go:

Towns is capable of so many things, and throwing down big dunks on the heads of his defenders is just one of them. He is also a deadly shooter from everywhere on the floor, handles the ball like a guard, and passes it extremely well both in transition and off the rebound.

And just in case you don't know what a great kid we are getting, check out this promotional video about him:

As you can see, I'm a big fan of this big guy. He has all the things that we want our players to have; skill, character, and humility. After this season, I'm backing off the hyperbole on these young men just a little, but I sure am excited to see what Karl can do with a team of fellow young lions coached by the best young player coach in college basketball.