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Kentucky's basketball team caused me to toss and turn most of the night.

Kentucky's win, caused me problems. I am normally asleep within 3-5 minutes after hitting the sack. Last night, my mind was racing and it would not slow down.

I don't know about you, but It was hard to get to sleep last night after the Cats beat Wichita State. The pure joy on the faces of our kids' kept getting in the way of sleep. Sometimes, you just can't sleep because so many thoughts race in snippets and short bursts. Half the time, they don't make much sense because they fly by so fast.

What a great week this has been. Duke falls to Mercer. It makes you want to join the Mercer Alumni Association, but you're probably already a member of Lehigh's. The Fighting Aaron Crafts lost. Kansas lost. Kentucky won: twice, and it wasn't supposed to happen which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Putting an end to the Wichita State 35-0 record was an achievement for the ages among many. It was a great game against a great opponent. I wish they were in another bracket so I could cheer for them like last year.

Kentucky's win, however, caused me problems. I am normally asleep within 3-5 minutes after hitting the sack. Last night, my mind was racing and it would not slow down. Music, such as the late Clarence Carters' Trying to Sleep Tonight, pops into my randomly skittering thoughts. I did toss and turn all night. So many things that crossed my mind before I managed to drift off after about two hours.

So while Bob Knight is singing, Indiana wants me, Lord I can't go back there, Kentucky has a chance to end Louisville's hope of a dynasty, as if winning two titles in a row makes a dynasty.

Does anyone know if Indiana will be hanging a banner for not getting into the NCAA or NIT?

Did anyone notice the two guys with Bama Bangs? Baker and Wessel, I think.

So which do you take, experience or talent? CBS was, of course, hoping for experience. Everyone was hoping for experience. Kentucky, of course, showed them that talent wins just as much as experience. There IS no "right" way.

Do you believe a team we've already beaten is a 5.5 favorite to beat us? That first game must've been a fluke. Yeah buddy. That brought this to my mind.

Beating the birds with teeth will satisfy my expectations for a successful season: Elite 8, Great 8 or whatever the talking heads choose to call it on any given day. The 2010 team set the standard for me. Two teams have exceeded that. Why set the bar so low? Remember, L1C5 and counting. The BBN knows what I'm talking about.

Why do the media over-hype teams and players? Every year Sagarin rates THE Ohio State Buckeyes as a top 5 or 10 team and every year, they end up going home before the tournament is over. Jeff, ol' buddy, you need to give it up with the Buckeyes. It ain't happenin'.

A couple of weeks ago, Aaron Craft was the best defensive player ever to play the game, if you listened to ESPN and others. It must've been the rosy cheeks. Now he's old news and nobody's talking about him. He's probably the same nice kid he was before.

I'm glad Tennessee became the third SEC team to make the Sweet Sixteen. I was watching North Carolina and decided to switch to Cuonzo's Vols. Tennessee finally got a good coach. First break, the UT band starts to play THAT song they always play. You know, the one where all the orange jumpsuits sing "WOOOOoooooo?" That was enough to make me turn back to the North Carolina game.

Are Tennessee and Florida becoming basketball schools?

Does anyone know if Stokes has learned how to stretch yet? Inquiring minds want to know.

If you watched Florida's games, there was a very irritating guy doing some kind of hindu chant behind the announcers: "hoooooooooooooooooo" or something like that. VERY irritating. STOP IT!!! I thought there was something wrong with my TV.

Did you learn anything new about basketball this year? For me, it was the UK-Michigan State game. Jay Bilas explained what the nail is. It is the center of the free throw lane. All this time I thought Jimmy Dykes was just making shit stuff up like Joe Dean, Jr. does with "banking board." Did Whitaker Bank tell him to call it that? You know....."Another Whitaker Bank shot off the banking board." Stooopid and douchie. Gag me with a spoon. "Drive the nail" is now a part of my vocabulary. Thanks, Bilas.

The CBS guys said a couple of times that Van Fleet is the best guard in the nation. I thought Craft was, but that was last week before tOSU lost. Louisville thinks Smith is. I might agree with them, a rare occasion, indeed.

Tennessee is the only team on Wichita State's regular season schedule that is still dancing.

Five of Kentucky's six regular season foes are still trying to become prom kings: Michigan State, Florida, Tennessee, Louisville and Baylor. Only North Carolina has been shown the door.

Eight seed Gonzaga didn't do so well against Arizona and the other eight seed, Memphis, had their rear ends handed to them by Virginia. The Kentucky version of wildcat felines are the only eight seed still standing.

There was an excessive number of Wildcats in the tournament this year. It must be the year of the cat.

KSR's Matt Jones was worried about the BBN's attendance on Thursday's radio show. Yesterday, they were definitely there in St. Louis.

Why did the selection committee put the nation's number 2 and the only undefeated team in a bracket that included Duke, Kentucky, Louisville and Michigan? The Shockers deserved better.

If Duke came into the tournament, the road would've been much easier. Right? I mean they would have had to play a team like Mercer in their first game. Oh wait...

WCS waxed philosophically in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and he's right. The game could have gone either way.

On the other hand, during the Kansas State game, one of the announcers kept talking about some guy named Paulson and we've all seen some instances where Julius Randall is a key player for the Wildcats, according to some sports writers.

You have to wonder how the UCLA fans feel about Steve Alford now after complaining so much when he was hired.

Conference teams still dancing:

PAC 12: Stanford, UCLA and Arizona

B1G: Michigan State, Wisconsin, Michigan

Big XII: Iowa State and Baylor

American: Louisville and Connecticut

ACC: Virginia

Atlantic 10: Dayton

Mountain West: San Diego State

SEC: Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee

The fact that no expert,other than Dook Vitale had Kentucky winning is noteworthy.

In its storied history, Kentucky has knocked off two undefeated teams in the tournament: Indiana and Wichita State.

How to become a non-entity in the sports media: lose in the tournament. The list includes Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Aaron Craft, Marcus Smart and Doug McDermott among others. The list keeps growning. Joel Embiid didn't play in the Kansas loss, so he's a borderline non-entity. So, who's the new media darling? Jarnell Stokes? Fox Sports apparently thinks so.

Get yourself prepared for another round of the Experience vs Talent argument. This time Rick Pitino is the hero against the villainous John Calipari. Rick will, of course, be touted as a paragon of virtue while we will all be reminded of "Pay-Pal" Cal's checkered past and the vacated games and his association with World Wide Wes. Never mind that Slick, in the real world, is the one who actually received an NCAA sanction while he was at Hawaii and the fact that he's the college basketball equivalent of college football's Bobby Petrino.

Plus, Rick doesn't do one-and-dones (a big deal in the media), just skanks on tables (not a big deal in the media). Just some advice, don't even try to defend Calipari because it is wasted effort. People don't want to hear facts that dispute their preconceptions. Cal is the bad guy and Kentucky is the Evil Empire, even as an eight seed. Rejoice and relish the role for it has been that way for Kentucky since the "racist" days of Adolph Rupp. Just remember, it is not dark yet. Let not your hearts be troubled. I know. When you're tossing and turning, trying to get to sleep, such thoughts cross your mind.

I've maintained from the beginning that we can win this thing. I've not claimed that we will, just that we can. If we do win it, we can all join together for this.

I'll be off the grid Wednesday and Thursday. My wife and I are closing on a new home on Wednesday and movers are coming on Thursday. Enjoy the taste of accomplishment for it has a sweet taste and celebrate our boys becoming a team.