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Arkansas Razorbacks 71 at Kentucky Wildcats 67: Post Game Hair-Pull

Yeah, we're all losing our minds. Not a thing wrong with that.

Andy Lyons

The Arkansas Razorbacks came in tonight and did what they had no right to do — beat Kentucky on their home floor. It was a game that was riddled with errors by both teams, but in the end, Arkansas made a few less than Kentucky.

Congratulations to Arkansas on sweeping us this season. They deserved the win, they played hard, and while Kentucky also played hard, they played badly, a lot worse than fans have a right to expect on their home floor. But Arkansas did the ol' "carpe diem" thing, and seized the day from the Wildcats, mainly by making all of their free throws and taking advantage of UK miscues. Well done to the Razorbacks on a noble victory.

Final statistics (don't look if you want to get any sleep)


  • Running down the court and throwing the ball haphazardly at the rim is not a basketball offense. I think we pretty much proved that tonight.

  • Loved the fight in the Wildcats. Hated the stupidity. Can anyone tell me how many times we threw impossible lobs into traffic? I quit counting at six.

  • Bad free throw shooting is a disease, as contagious as syphilis...

  • What I want to know is this: Who the hell stole Jobu's rum. Own up to it, dammit.

  • Kentucky probably set a record for rebound margin, and still lost. That will happen when you miss 10 or 15 layups.

  • This was by far the most incoherent game Kentucky has played offensively. I thought their defense was largely okay, but I reserve the right to call myself a liar on that. I can't make any judgment until after I have lost the passion and recovered my wits. Right now, everything looks like a nail.

I really don't have a lot to offer here, I know there's going to be venting galore, and frankly, I get that. Just remember the community guidelines, I'm liable to have a pretty quick trigger tonight because I need something to take out my frustrations on, we've already had an abnormal number of trolls wander by.

As a parting shot, I'll remind you all what I had to remind myself — sometimes you are going to lose them, and sometimes these young guys are going to disappoint us. It's okay to be disappointed, but remember that this isn't the end of the season, and you never know what weird twists and turns can happen. Life goes on, let's stay off the window ledges and bridges for the next few days. If you're a window-washer or a high-iron worker, you might want to call in sick or something.

I'll have some real analysis in the postmortem tomorrow.

Next up: A nice road trip to visit the South Carolina Gamecocks in just two days.