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Kentucky Basketball: ESPN College Gameday at Rupp Arena Open Thread

The boys are coming to Lexington.

Joe Robbins

This will be short and sweet this snowy morning here in Central Kentucky.  Just a little spot for those of us to chat while we watch the Gameday crew as the bus comes to town as we get ready for the Gators tonight in a primetime game on ESPN.

I posted a link in the quickies but I decided to share the embedded video too. Digger has been preparing to come to Rupp for longer than he wants us to believe.

Furthermore, I smile every time I hear Rece Davis describing the atmosphere at Rupp.

On having GameDay here: "The thing I love about bringing GameDay to Kentucky is the passion of the fans. They want to show the world, the college basketball world, we're Kentucky and you're not. ... There's no place quite like it. Every place we go has its own unique quality that makes it special and enjoyable. But this place is neat. We enjoy coming here, because of the passion for the fans."

This is going to be fun.