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Jerry Stackhouse voices frustration over officiating after getting smashed by Kentucky

Stackhouse may need to check the box score.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 06 Kentucky at Vanderbilt Photo by Matthew Maxey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Tuesday, the Kentucky Wildcats beat the Vanderbilt Commodores in dominating fashion, 109-77. While the Wildcats and the Big Blue Nation were happy with a 30-plus point victory, Vanderbilt coach Jerry Stackhouse was certainly not.

Quickly walking off the floor after shaking only John Calipari’s hand, one might assume Stackhouse’s frustration lay with Kentucky, and potentially with walk-on Kareem Watkins, who shot a three at the end of the game with the Wildcats up 32 points. That was not the case.

“Kid got in, and probably it was a kid that very rarely gets in the game, and he had an opportunity to get a shot,” Stackhouse said. “Maybe another day I would have been [mad], but I didn’t have the energy tonight.”

So what was Stackhouse so frustrated at?

“My energy was more at the officials,” Stackhouse said. “I thought the game kind of got away from them again.”

Considering that Vanderbilt had nearly half the fouls called against them as Kentucky did, 10 fouls to 19 fouls, and shot more than double the free-throws, 30 free-throw attempts to 12 attempts, Stackhouse’s complaints seem unjustified, but that didn’t hold him back from giving criticism.

“It was the same three officials that were here against Tennessee. It was the same thing, I felt like there was no consistency,” Stackhouse complained. “That’s all you want in a game is consistency. I didn’t feel they were consistent that night, nor were they consistent tonight.”

Someone is salty.