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Dartmouth Basketball players ruled to be employees of the school

Major news in college athletics.

NCAA Basketball: South Dakota State at Wichita State William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

The new era of college athletics has been a wild ride to this point. With Name, Image, and Likeness alongside the transfer portal, the landscape of collegiate sports has never looked as different as it is today.

Well, it is about to change even more.

According to a report by Pete Nakos of On3, the National Labor Relations Board Regional Director in Region 1 (Boston) has announced their decision stating that Dartmouth’s men’s basketball players are employees of the University. Alongside this decision, the NLRB is ordering a union election.

The significance? This is going to take college athletics to a whole new planet and could lead to no more NCAA. With players now moving into being named employees of the school, there are going to be plenty of questions to be answered: How are they paid, and where does the money come from? Is there going to be a CBA like in the pros? What happens to sports that aren't massive revenue-generating sports?

It’s about to be a whirlwind, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This decision now pushes NIL a step further and is going to lead to things unknown to us at this point. One would have to imagine this is going to be a talking point for some time, especially with the new Big 10/ SEC Advisory Board now being a thing.

Let the fun begin.