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Why Liam Coen leaving now is best for Kentucky moving forward

It’s hard to find stability when a coach as important as Coen clearly has one foot out the door.

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The Kentucky Wildcats are about to start another Offensive Coordinator search as news broke this morning that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are zeroing in on Liam Coen as the next OC for the Bucs.

This sentence has become one that we have typed way too often over the last few years, as this will be the fifth OC change for the program in the last five seasons. With the offense being the Achilles heel for this program throughout the Stoops tenure, there is definitely a red flag flying at the moment.

Despite the craziness of these last few weeks surrounding the Coen job hunt, one thing seems to be true; this should be the best thing for the program moving forward.

How so? It’s a simple answer…stability.

It’s pretty obvious Coen wants to be in the NFL, and if not this year, he’s probably gone next year. That makes it hard to recruit when players know the OC already has one foot out the door, which was clearly the case with Coen, who also interviewed with the Chicago Bears this offseason.

In today’s world of college athletics, recruiting your own roster is just as important as recruiting the high school and transfer portal classes. The constant change at the position has put the Cats behind the eight-ball quite frequently.

That has to be the approach for Stoops in the next hire: Finding someone who can at least make it a two-year stint.

The timing of this departure does stink just based on spring practice approaching, and the coaching carousel slowing down. It does help, however, that the next transfer portal window doesn’t open until April 15th, so whoever Stoops hires has a chance to impress the staff and team during spring practice.

It might sting at the moment, but this should be the best move for the program going forward if Kentucky nails this next hire.