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Calipari believes Wildcats will break through; “We’re built for March”

Cal still believes in this team.

Gonzaga v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The last two weeks have been possibly the worst case scenario for this Kentucky Wildcats team. Add in the last three seasons, and the BBN is coming unglued about the status of this program at the moment.

Now, although the outrage is justifiable, there is still plenty of season remaining. The approach many have taken is the correct one as well: Win in March.

John Calipari pivoted this season back to his old philosophy that includes elite freshman and the dribble drive offense. The offense has been elite, it is the defense that has everyone around the country wondering if they can even win a tournament game in March. The UK head coach believes in his team.

In his weekly radio show with Tom Leach, Coach Cal pointed out that he thinks this UK team can break through, and pointed to a sentiment we have heard before with his most talented teams.

“I’ve got all my coaching buddies call, and they say, ‘I love your team.’ And I love this team too. We’re built for March,” Calipari stated. “Now, real simply, we have to get more physical. We have to get 50-50 balls, and that includes rebounds that are free that we haven’t gotten. We’ve got to get, let’s say 10% better defensively.”

After looking like one of the three best teams in the sport, the last few weeks have seen the Cats free-falling down the polls and bracketology predictions. The key point to that though, is we have seen what they could be. They knocked off North Carolina and held a big lead over Kansas in Game 1 of the season.

Will that level of play return? Who knows.

Coach Calipari has seen a lot of college basketball over his years, and we have all seen the potential with our own eyes. Let’s hope they get back to putting it all together.

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