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John Calipari talks about barely playing Rob Dillingham in the second half

The star freshman guard only played four minutes in the second half.

Rob Dillingham. John Calipari. Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats dropped another home game tonight, as they fell to the Gonzaga Bulldogs for their third straight home loss.

After a poor first half, the Cats came out fighting in the second making it come down to one play in the last 13 seconds of regulation. Now, we all know what happened, but we all also have the same question: Where was Rob Dillingham?

John Calipari was asked about playing the star freshman only playing four minutes in the second half in the post-game press conference, and he had this to say;

“The team that was out there was playing so well together that I left it alone. If we finished the game, you would have said (you didn’t need him).”

For the first push to get the game close, I think all of BBN can agree that letting the guys play was the right call. The thing is, the best offensive player and isolation threat on the roster should have been one of the final five men in the game to go get the win.

After posting 35 points against Tennessee last Saturday and another 20 against Vanderbilt on Tuesday, Dillingham can get hot in a hurry. Even if he wasn’t going to take the shot, his passing ability is also next level.

Plain and simple he needed more than four minutes in the second half.