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Jay Bilas calls out the NCAA on Zvonimir Ivisic eligibility case

Jay Bilas mentions how there needs to be a ruling in the Zvonimir Ivisic situation.

Big Z. Zvonimir Ivisic Tristan Pharis

With the Kentucky Wildcats entering SEC play on Saturday against Florida and coming out with a win, many would have thought the NCAA would have made a ruling for big man Zvonimir Ivisic by now.

That has not happened yet, and many people are coming to Ivisic’s defense, including the national media.

During the broadcast of Kentucky’s win over Florida on Saturday, sports commentator Jay Bilas mentioned how there has been no ruling for Ivisic, and from the sounds of it, he sounded irritated by the situation as well.

“Inexplicable why he has not been cleared yet,” Bilas said during the national broadcast.

Back in Lexington, many people who are Kentucky fans are trying their best to get Ivisic eligible and be able to get back on the court as a podcast group called Rupp To No Good Podcast has raised money to put a billboard outside the NCAA headquarters with the billboard saying #FreeBigZ.

The podcast group was able to raise the money for the billboard in a few hours, but fans can feel that Ivisic does want to play.

“It’s really just to show, hey Zvonimir we know that you are frustrated right now, we know that you are going through a lot, we know that you want to be out there on the court with your team doing what you can to help Kentucky basketball win games, but even though you can’t Big Blue Nation still loves you,” Matt Sak tells A Sea of Blue. “We are still on your side, we are still supporting you, we are doing what we can to help you and your current battle, which unfortunately is not on the court. It’s trying to get on the court, but we are still doing what we can to support you.”

Hopefully through the help of the national media and this billboard, the NCAA will make a ruling soon on whether Ivisic will be eligible or not.