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Kentucky boasts the 4 most efficient lineups in the SEC

Some interesting analytics as the Cats kick off conference play.

Reed Sheppard Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats are getting prepared for a matchup against the Florida Gators on Saturday to kick off SEC play in Gainesville.

Sitting at 10-2 on the season, John Calipari’s squad has proven to be a well oiled machine on offense to this point of the season. Averaging over 91 points per game has a lot to do with the efficiency they are playing with on that side of the ball.

According to CBB Analytics, this Kentucky squad actually runs out the four most efficient three-man lineups in the SEC by Net Rating. These numbers are based on a minimum of 100 minutes played.

The most efficient three-lineup to this point of the season features fan favorites Robert Dillingham, Reed Sheppard, and Antonio Reeves. All three are featured in the others alongside Tre Mitchell.

Kentucky also sports the 12th and 13th-best lineups, which include Justin Edwards and DJ Wagner.

This Kentucky team has a new look to it, and it mostly comes from the offensive style they have shifted to this season. Returning to a more perimeter-centric offense, Coach Calipari is letting his players play to their strengths as they continue to run and beat their defenders off the dribble consistently.

The biggest stat that’s helped this team as well comes from their assist/turnover ratio. Currently, the Cats are averaging 19.4 assists per game while only averaging 9.4 turnovers per game. If that trend continues, these efficient lineups should as well.

Conference play is here, folks. Let the fun begin.