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Joe Lunardi moves UK to a 2-seed; Duke gets more hype for VJ Edgecombe

Some good and bad news for the Cats.

Justin Edwards. Rob Dillingham. Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats are off to a 10-2 start on the season, as they now get ready to tip off in SEC play.

Heading to Gainesville as the No. 6 team in the country this Saturday for a date with Florida, the Cats have also seen some positive movement on their seeding line after the results of some games this week.

Earlier in the week, Joe Lunardi updated his latest bracketology, which saw Kentucky as the 3-seed in the South Region.

Now, after a Clemson loss to Miami on Wednesday night, Lunardi has moved the UK up to the 2-seed in the South Region.

They are featured alongside Houston (1-seed), North Carolina (3-seed), and FAU (4-seed).

The SEC still leads the conferences in projected tournament teams, which also includes the Tennessee Volunteers on the 2-seed line with the Cats.

There is still a long way to go before this gets finalized, but there is some good news for the BBN to see heading into SEC play.

However, there was some bad news that started to gain momentum on Thursday as well.

VJ Edgecombe is a top-five recruit in the class of 2024 and has narrowed down his options to Kentucky, Duke, and Baylor. After jumping into this recruitment late, John Calipari put on the full-court press to try and sway Edgecombe to Lexington. After what seemed to look like a decent chance, it appears that will not be the case.

Trilly Donovan released his latest Off the Burner on Thursday, and mentioned this about Edgecombe’s recruitment.

“In recent days I’ve had sources tell me Duke is the team to beat for Edgecombe,” says Donovan.

With Duke looking like the favorite for Edgecombe, the Cats are still not done in the class of 2024. Karter Knox, the younger brother of former Wildcat Kevin Knox, is scheduled for an official visit in the coming weeks.

Still some ways to go, but it appears that Knox is likelier for Kentucky than Edgecombe at this point.