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Will Levis calls out Titans/Vols fans who dislike him

Levis has a message to Titans fans who hated him simply because they are Vols fans.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats aren’t typically known as an NFL factory, but they have generated a lot of quality players under Mark Stoops, former Penn State transfer Will Levis being one of them.

Levis fell in the 2023 NFL Draft due to a few factors, but he still managed to hear his name called on Day 2. The Tennessee Titans took Levis, having a hole at their starting quarterback slot with Ryan Tannehill being consistently inconsistent.

Levis filled the void well when the opportunity arose after a Tannehill injury.

Now likely the starter for the long-term future in Tennessee, Levis has a message for fans who hate on him simply due to the fact that they like the Tennessee Volunteers, and he went to Kentucky.

Levis added as well that he’s going to welcome all Tennessee fans, so he likely doesn't care too much about those that hate on him for playing his collegiate football at Kentucky, especially considering how good the Vols were with Hendon Hooker at the helm. That’s who Vols fans were rooting for the Titans to take in the 2023 draft, and they were quite upset when it turned out to be Levis instead.

Expect Levis to stick with the Titans for the long-term future, even if there is a segment of the fanbase that hates it.