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Monday Headlines: Kentucky in the New College Basketball Rankings (UPDATE)

A look at where Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida sit in the new college hoops rankings and analytics.

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NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

After going 1-1 last week, Kentucky Basketball didn’t fall far in the latest college hoops rankings.

Kentucky dropped two spots to No. 8 in the Coaches Top 25 Poll. Tennessee is No. 5.

The NET rankings have Kentucky at No. 23, Tennessee at No. 3, and Florida at No. 39.

The AP Top 25 Poll has Kentucky at No. 10 and Tennessee at No. 5.

Andy Katz’s Power 36 has the Cats at No. 7 and the Vols at No. 4.

The Athletic has Kentucky at No. 10 and Tennessee at No. 4.

The CBS Sports Top 25 And 1 rankings have Kentucky at No. 18 and Tennessee at No. 5.

FOX Sports has the Wildcats at No. 6 and the Volunteers at No. 5.

ESPN’s Power Rankings have Kentucky at No. 8 and the Vols at No. 4.

ESPN BPI is not as friendly, as it has Kentucky all the way down at No. 21 compared to Tennessee being No. 4 and Florida at No. 31.

Kentucky is ranked No. 21 at EvanMiya, while Tennessee sits at No. 4, and the Gators are No. 34.

The Cats sit at No. 20 in KenPom, while the Vols are No. 4, and Florida is No. 35.

Kentucky is No. 22 at BartTorvik, which has the Vols at No. 5 and the Gators at No. 28.

Finally, Kentucky is No. 17 at DRatings, while Tennessee is No. 3, and Florida is No. 24.

Where do you think Kentucky should be ranked? Sound off in the comments section!

The Kentucky Wildcats split their schedule last week, losing their road game at South Carolina on Tuesday before completing a comeback victory at Arkansas on Saturday.

The Wildcats are now 15-4 on the season with a pair of “questionable” losses. The first was at home to UNC Wilmington, and that’s a loss that will likely haunt Kentucky come seeding time for the NCAA Tournament.

Now, with their loss at South Carolina, they have a second “L” that’s sort of a head-scratcher. And that’s not to say the Gamecocks are a bad team.

Instead, Kentucky was flat-out embarrassed at South Carolina. They were pushed around and out-matched physically. Their offense didn’t stand a chance at saving them from their defensive woes, and that was clear with a final score of 79-62.

However, Kentucky must have taken some (if not all) of that to heart since they put on a season-best defensive performance (in conference play) against Arkansas on Saturday. The Wildcats scored just 63 points but held the Razorbacks to 57 points on the night.

While their ranking in the top 25 polls isn’t likely to improve, it’s also hard to see much of a drop. South Carolina is a well-coached, hard-fighting team and Kentucky was sure to face their best effort last week — especially on the road.

This week, Kentucky hosts Florida at home on Wednesday at 8 PM ET for their second and final matchup of the regular season before hosting the Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday at 8:30 PM ET. Television coverage for both games will be on ESPN.

Look at some of the early analytics rankings for this week, Kentucky is ranked 21st at EvanMiya, 20th in KenPom, 22nd at BartTorvik, and 17th at DRatings.

Now, check back here later as we learn where Kentucky stands in the other college basketball rankings and analytics.

And let us know where you think the Cats should be ranked!

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