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Jasper Johnson schedules UK visit; says he’ll likely stay in the 2025 class

Johnson will visit Kentucky very soon, and while reclassing is still an option, he’s leaning toward staying in 2025.

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Jasper Johnson has cut his list down to 10 schools, and the Kentucky Wildcats made the cut.

Johnson has also scheduled three official visits, one being to Kentucky on the weekend of February 10th, according to On3’s Joe Tipton. That’s when Kentucky hosts the Gonzaga Bulldogs for a Saturday afternoon matchup.

Among Johnson’s other contenders are the Kansas Jayhawks, North Carolina Tar Heels, Auburn Tigers, and Baylor Bears. He will visit North Carolina on February 3rd and Auburn on February 17th, which is when the Tigers host Kentucky.

There’s been heavy speculation that Johnson could reclassify into 2024, but for now, he’s planning to remain in the class of 2025, though he’s not completely closing the door.

“All my schools are open to me reclassing to 2024, but as of right now, I think I’ll be staying in the 2025 class. Reclassing up is an option, but I think I will probably stay in 2025,” Johnson told Tipton.

The fact that Johnson already has three official visits scheduled in the coming weeks certainly suggests he wants to keep the reclass option open going into the summer. Regardless of what class he’s in, Kentucky is seen as one of the biggest contenders for the former Woodford County star, who now plays at Link Academy.

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