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Calipari wondering why Adou Thiero is not playing; may return vs. Arkansas

Sounds like Thiero is on the verge of returning.

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi State at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports


During his weekly radio show, John Calipari said Kentucky guard Adou Thiero needs to practice twice this week in order to play Saturday vs. Arkansas.

After what happened Tuesday night in Columbia, it’s safe to say getting Thiero will be a welcome sight for a Wildcats squad in need of more rebounding and overall physicality.

Well, this is interesting.

Adou Thiero appears close to making his return for the No. 6 Kentucky Wildcats, but it won’t happen Tuesday night at South Carolina.

During his pregame radio interview, Calipari made an odd statement about Thiero not playing in games.

It’s an odd thing to say about one of your players, adding yet another layer of oddness to Thiero’s mysterious absence since December 21st. Calipari has frequently called it a day-to-day back issue, but the sophomore has now missed over a month of game action.

Perhaps the doctors haven’t cleared Thiero to return yet. Even if that’s the case, it’s still a weird thing for Coach Cal to say during a radio interview.

Thankfully, it appears he could return as soon as Saturday vs. the Arkansas Razorbacks. Let’s hope that happens, and we can put this mysterious saga in the rearview mirror.