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Calipari credits billboard for helping Big Z get eligible; shares a funny story about Z’s shorts

The billboard was a hit. And Z did not poop himself!

Big Z. Zvonimir Ivisic. Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats went off on Saturday night, defeating the Georgia Bulldogs at Rupp Arena, 105-96. While the defense is still being tested, the offense has continued to prove itself as the best in the nation.

Kentucky put up 105 points, featuring 50+ in both halves. The addition of 7-foot-2 Croatian center Zvonimir Ivisic helped as well. He went for 13 points, five rebounds, three blocks, two steals, and two assists, in 16 minutes, also knocking down three triples.

This was the first game that Ivisic was eligible to play, and it had been a long journey, thanks to the continued ineptitude of the NCAA.

When asked if Calipari got aggressive about getting Z on the court, the UK coach just responded with a “no.”

However, Coach Cal credited the fans who put up the billboard and their involvement in helping get the situation resolved.

Calipari also shared a funny story about having multiple pairs of shorts ready for Z in case he pooped himself in his debut.

That said, the Cats now have three players at least 7-feet tall, and that type of size is going to be a problem at the collegiate level.

With two that have proven to space the court in Z and Aaron Bradshaw, expect the Wildcats to continue to figure things out on both ends of the court as SEC play ramps up.