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Jay Bilas rips NCAA for waiting so long to clear Big Z

Get ‘em!

Big Z. Zvonimir Ivisic Tristan Pharis

The long and winding road to eligibility for Zvonimir Ivisic has reached its conclusion.

After months of wondering if we’d ever see Big Z suit up for the Kentucky Wildcats, word finally came down prior to the team’s game vs. Georgia that he’d been ruled eligible.

While it’s wonderful to see Ivisic get cleared, it took far too long for the ruling to come down. It took exactly 100 days for the NCAA to reach a decision, even as other foreign prospects were cleared long before him.

That’s why college basketball commentator Jay Bilas isn’t exactly singing the NCAA’s praises for finally letting Ivisic play, calling it “Needless and nonsensical” that it took this long.

What made this even more ridiculous was the issue reportedly being a free hundred dollars worth of stipends that Ivisic received while playing professionally in Croatia. He was effectively suspended for Kentucky’s first 16 games of the season because of THAT?!

All while high schoolers are making thousands, if not millions of dollars through NIL before they even get on a college campus.

While it’s great that Big Z is finally free, the NCAA still deserves a lot of grief for this.

It’s also kinda funny that the ruling came just days after the #FreeBigZ billboard went up outside of NCAA headquarters. Maybe that actually made the NCAA realize it did want the smoke it was about to get if Z wasn’t cleared.

Go Cats!