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SEC Bracketology Breakdown

Alabama is rolling with momentum.

Missouri v Alabama Photo by Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images

Greetings, BBN!

Not a lot changed in the bracket for the SEC last week. Most teams went 1-1 and stayed on their seed line. The only exception was Alabama, who has gone from 7-5 to 12-5, started 4-0 in the SEC, and is now up to a 4-seed.

Kentucky was narrowly bested in College Station by Texas A&M in overtime Saturday but picked up a nice home win over Mississippi State during the week, heading into another take-care-of-business-at-home game against Georgia this weekend.

Speaking of Georgia, they’re continuing to eye that bracket and are off to a 3-1 start in the conference.

Let’s take a look at where each SEC team is in Joe Lunardi’s ESPN bracket:

SEC Bracketology January 20th

The Good: Ole Miss holding steady

They aren’t undefeated anymore but have balanced road losses at Tennessee and LSU with blowout home wins over Florida and Vanderbilt to get adjusted to conference play. Given their weak non-conference schedule, though, if they really want to move their seed line, they’re going to need a statement victory—such as a win over #13 Auburn this weekend.

The Bad: Texas A&M hanging on by a thread

The win over Kentucky was massive for the Aggies, but the 1-point loss to Arkansas immediately after washed away a lot of the benefits. They are 1-3 so far in the league, 10-7 overall, and the schedule isn’t going to get any easier. They need to find ways to win games, no matter by how little and no matter who they’re playing.

Keep an Eye On: Georgia Lurking

As long as the Bulldogs keep winning the winnable games, they’ll be just one massive victory away from crashing into the field of 68, and that’s exactly where they find themselves heading into this weekend against Kentucky in Rupp Arena. Even if they lose, games against Auburn remain for them to bite worse than their bark.

Critical Point: South Carolina’s next two weeks

Looming very, very large for the Gamecocks is a home game against Kentucky and a road trip to Knoxville. When you’re a projected 11-seed with no good wins at all and are only in the bracket because of a 14-3 record, the season hinges on these two games. Win one, and they have a chance. Lose both, and it’s the NIT.