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Liam Coen labeled a potential candidate for Cleveland Browns OC job

Coen was the offensive coordinator for the Rams prior to joining Kentucky

Liam Coen. Eli Cox. Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats should be hoping that they’re able to keep their football staff together, as it seems many NFL teams could be looking to the college ranks to fill coaching vacancies.

Liam Coen, who spent time with the Los Angeles Rams under Sean McVay, serving as his offensive coordinator in 2022, will be a popular target for NFL programs looking to enhance their offense.

Coen was at Kentucky in 2021 as the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach, left for the Rams, and then returned in 2023, where he remains still. Coen has a lengthy history despite being 38, having served in multiple roles at both the college and professional levels.

That said, we know the Chicago Bears are interested in him to be their next offensive coordinator. Another organization that may have an eye on the former UMass star quarterback is the Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland made the NFL Playoffs this year, losing to the Houston Texans, then fired offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt. That’s where Coen’s name could pop up.

247 Sports’ Brad Ward listed Coen as a potential option for the team and dubbed him an “exciting” candidate.

“His experience as an offensive coach in the college and the NFL game as well as his valuable time under McVay makes him an exciting candidate,” Ward wrote.

For Kentucky, there’s no real reason to believe Coen would leave for a job like Cleveland, but things happen. Sometimes, irresistible offers are made, and it’s clear the Coen has interest in returning to the NFL ranks.

However, there’s not much validity or reporting to suggest this is a good match, just one that appears to make sense on paper for the Browns’ search.

Let’s hope Coen stays in the Bluegrass State for the long haul.