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Brock Vandagriff is also awaiting Liam Coen’s decision

Join the club.

Syndication: Online Athens Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

This past weekend, panic struck the fanbase as a report by Johnathan Jones reported the Kentucky Wildcats offensive coordinator would interview with the Chicago Bears for their current OC position at Soldier Field.

Obviously, the importance of this potential departure is extreme due to a few things:

  1. The timing
  2. The roster

Entering into the 2024 season, this Kentucky team is set to feature several potential superstar transfers, including Brock Vandagriff. The former Georgia QB picked the Cats to play for Coen, and now questions surround whether that will be the case.

Vandagriff was asked about the rumors in a recent interview with Lee Howard of WKYT and had this to say about the whole process.

“That’s something a couple of the mid-year guys have talked about. Ja’Mori (Maclin) reached out and Beau Allen. We were texting about it,” Vandagriff said. “Honestly, college football is a business, and Coach Coen, I would just want him to do what’s best for his family because I trust Coach Coen. I love Coach Coen.”

He continued:

“Just at the end of the day, if that’s what his future is to stay at Kentucky, then we would love that. That’s why I came here is for Coach Coen. Football’s a business. Just whatever he does, I want to make sure he’s happy at the end of the day.”

This process doesn’t seem to be close to being over, but it’s obvious that a potential departure by Coen could mean this offseason is just getting started.

Buckle up, folks. This could be a long ride.