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‘Free Big Z’ sign is now up outside of the NCAA headquarters


Big Z. Zvonimir Ivisic Tristan Pharis

In light of Zvonimir Ivisic still not being cleared to play by the NCAA, a group of Kentucky Wildcats fans have been working to get a billboard up outside of the NCAA headquarters that read #FreeBigZ.

The group, led by the Rupp To No Good Podcast, raised over $4,000 to pay for the billboard.

Now, the sign is up, as you can see below.

Matt Sak, who runs the Rupp To No Good Podcast, told our Chris Beasmore what the motivation behind getting his sign was.

“It’s really just to show, ‘Hey Zvonimir, we know that you are frustrated right now. We know that you are going through a lot. We know that you want to be out there on the court with your team doing what you can to help Kentucky Basketball win games, but even though you can’t, Big Blue Nation still loves you,’” Sak said. “‘We are still on your side. We are still supporting you. We are doing what we can to help you and your current battle, which, unfortunately, is not on the court. It’s trying to get on the court, but we are still doing what we can to support you.’”

I doubt the sign is going to have much impact on the NCAA, but it is a great way to show Big Z that the Big Blue Nation cares for him and doesn’t want him to feel alone as he waits for the NCAA to finally let him play.