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NCAA College Football is back in video game form: Here’s when EA Sports will release it

For more than a decade, fans have been without a new NCAA College Football Game. Not for much longer.

Brad Crawford

Do you remember when Robert Griffin III was the cover athlete for EA Sports NCAA Football 13? Griffin III is now an analyst (when he’s not roasting Jay Gruden) following a solid NFL career, and there still hasn’t been a new college football video game since 2014.

Well, the video game creator is bringing the game back after a decade-long hiatus, and it will have a tone of rave when it finally drops.

It appears July 12, 2024, will be the release date for the game, so mark your calendars for when you can take the Kentucky Wildcats to national glory.

This is exciting on many fronts, and with NIL being at the forefront of the minds of college athletes, it could mean more opportunities arise as well. Kentucky will absolutely be a team in the game as it has cemented itself as a strong SEC player over the last few years.

That said, will you be getting the game? And who are you looking forward to playing as?