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There’s no issue between Stoops and Coen on the UK offense

This is good to hear.

SPORTS-FBC-STORY-COLUMN-LX Brian Simms/Lexington Herald-Leader/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

There has been a lot of uncertainty in recent days about whether or not Liam Coen will remain in Lexington as the Kentucky Wildcats offensive coordinator next season.

On Sunday, Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio took to Twitter to report that Stoops and Coen had a difference of opinion in terms of control of the offense.

Then on Monday, Jones reported that Stoops and Coen are basically on the same page with the offense going forward and that isn’t an issue.

Here’s the report.

There were also reports that Coen was being considered for the Ohio State offensive coordinator position in addition to the Chicago Bears. However, it sounds like the Buckeyes are an unlikely landing spot and that if Coen remains in college, he will be at Kentucky.

The question is whether Coen gets offered the Bears position and if he wants to return to the NFL. You have to think other NFL teams could come calling soon as the coaching carousel heats up.

Hopefully, Coen will be in Lexington next season with total control of the offense, because the offensive potential in 2024 is very high.