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Adou Thiero still not practicing as he battles injury

This is getting concerning.

Adou Thiero Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

Adou Thiero missed his fourth straight game with general soreness in the Kentucky Wildcats’ OT loss at Texas A&M. He has yet to play since the December 21st victory at Louisville.

It was painfully evident that the Wildcats needed Thiero while getting outmuscled by the Aggies. The 6-foot-8 sophomore has a strong argument as Kentucky’s most physical player and best rebounder.

John Calipari presumably does not want to rush Thiero back if the injury is somewhat serious, given Cal’s history with protecting players.

In his pregame interview with Tom Leach prior to the game in College Station, Calipari said Adou “still got some testing to do” but did not elaborate further.

Then during his Monday call-in show, Calipari simply said that Thiero was still not practicing and stuck with the day-to-day designation, even though this is clearly more of a week-to-week thing since he’s missed over three weeks.

There is no word on when Adou may attempt to make a comeback or play, but going off of Cal’s comments, it seems that Adou may miss the next game at the very least. It’s best not to rush someone back and save them for a long postseason run, especially with Kentucky looking like it has the potential to have a very special March if everyone is healthy.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into another mysterious injury that somehow lasts for months, despite Calipari making it sound like it’s just a day-to-day issue for the time being.