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Class Of 2025 OT Raphael Greene discusses recruitment

Kentucky has been heavily recruiting the 3-star offensive tackle from Cincinnati.

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With the class of 2024 being done for most schools, many coaches are now switching to the class of 2025 with numerous players expected to make a verbal commitment before the start of their senior season in August.

With that in mind, Kentucky has been heavily recruiting a 3-star offensive tackle from Cincinnati (OH) in Raphael Greene.

Greene is a 6-foot-6, 320-pound junior and has recently released his top five schools: The Wildcats, Louisville Cardinals, Pittsburgh Panthers, Purdue Boilermakers, and West Virginia Mountaineers.

Greene spoke with A Sea of Blue on why those top five schools made it on to his list.

Kentucky: “They were the first to ever show interest in me,” Greene tells A Sea of Blue. “I appreciate that a lot from all of the coaching staff and them checking up on me and them being the first school to see potential in me so they will always be kind of high up on my list because they were the first ever school to show me love.”

West Virginia: “That is one of the schools that I have never visited, but they are in contact a lot in being that we have one of our players from my school that just moved up there, so they come down to my school a lot but they always have a conversation with me while they are there,” said Greene

Louisville: “I have visited one time and the energy over there is kind of cool,” Greene says. “I need to get in touch with some of the coaches over there a little bit more, but the running backs coach, I am always talking to him, but yeah, just a little more communication between me and the school, and I think we will be alright.”

Pittsburgh: “Coach [Randy] Bates, I talk to him almost every week, he is just a funny dude, my mom has been in contact with him and our relationship is kind of tight,” said Greene. “I have been up there, it is a great atmosphere on gameday, and I like that school a lot.”

Purdue: “They have a new coaching staff, and I really think they are building something over there,” said Greene. “It is a good school to keep in mind, and they are really just family-oriented, and it is all about family over there, and I really like the energy and the coaching staff over there.”

With Kentucky being one of the first schools to offer him at the end of his freshman year, he knows they will play a major factor in his recruitment.

“Coach [Vince] Marrow offered me and it was crazy because I didn’t expect it at the time, I just finished my season, we won a state championship, so it just came out of nowhere,” Greene tells A Sea of Blue. “But then over the time, I just kept visiting and seeing the coaches and them talking to me about how they would use me and where they would want to put me at and this and that. It’s just really cool to be a part of, so the school that would eventually get me is the school that shows the most contact and that I talk to the most.”

Another factor that will play in his commitment is how will the school develop him so he can reach his dream of playing in the NFL.

“Another thing that I want in my college would be is development,” Greene says. “I want to go somewhere where I will be developed to be the best player that I can be because you know we all have the dream of being at the next, next level, which is the NFL, so the place where I will be developed the most, learn the most, become a better man at, that’s the place I want to go.”

For Greene, he will start to take visits to schools before or after his senior season, and once he finishes all of his visits, he plans to announce his commitment to a program.