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Mark Stoops’ bourbon company is building a new distillery in Lexington

Some big news for the Lexington area.

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

Some big news was announced this week for the Lexington community, as a new bourbon distillery will be coming to Leestown Road in Turner Commons.

For many Kentucky Wildcats fans, this one might hit home, as it’s the bourbon company that UK head coach Mark Stoops is a shareholder of.

In what will be a huge draw for tourism in Lexington, RD1’s CEO commented on the upcoming project, which is expected to be finished in 2024.

“The new site will be just a few minutes from the existing Distillery District and from downtown Lexington ... with a restaurant right beside us and two more as well as about 20 AirBnbs,” CEO Mike Tetterton said. “You can come from out of town, stay at an Airbnb, walk to restaurants, tour us, go to Frankfort, Louisville, any of the distilleries, then come back and have a cocktail with us and dinner right here.”

With Stoops returning to Lexington for another season with Kentucky Football, one would have to think that will help the push for customers to visit the new distillery. Who knows, maybe this will be a piece that helps keep Coach Stoops in Lexington for the long term as well.