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Jasper Johnson discusses his return home, UK interest, and reclass possibility

The 5-star combo guard was happy to return home to Woodford County on Sunday night. Is a reclassification into 2024 still on the table?

Jasper Johnson Chris Beasmore

Jasper Johnson, a 5-star combo guard from the class of 2025, made his return to Woodford County last weekend, as his school, Link Academy, took on Darryn Peterson and Huntington Prep on Sunday in a battle of two major Kentucky Wildcats recruits.

Johnson had a great game, going off for 37 points and making 10 3s in the win. He also won MVP with the final score being 90-52.

Many college coaches were there to scout the future of college basketball by seeing the two main players in Johnson and Peterson.

The main reason why they had this event was to honor Jasper’s grandfather, Alvis Johnson, who passed away in 2023. Given it was Johnson’s return, he was just happy to put on a show in front of his hometown fans and to honor his grandpa.

“It meant a lot,” said Johnson. “I wanted to do it in his name and the community, and my friends and family came out here to support me, you know, to impact the gym, and I just came out here and wanted to put out a show for them, and it just meant a lot to me.”

Johnson is proud of the way he has played and believes college coaches are noticing.

“I mean, it means a lot. I know I am a top player in my class, so they are coming for a reason,” Johnson tells A Sea of Blue. “I just gotta perform every time I can while they are watching with me, so I know they are recruiting me pretty hard, so I’ve gotta produce and show them what I can do on the court.”

John Calipari, Chin Coleman, and some of the current players on the Kentucky Basketball roster made an appearance to watch Johnson play, and he has had many conversations with the coaching staff.

“I mean it is great, I’ve been talking to them often,” says Johnson. “Me and coach Cal and Orlando [Antigua], we communicate, and they talk to my family as well, so it was great to see them on the sideline, front row, and show them what I can do, and hopefully I can bring to the table at the next level or anywhere else I go.”

As for his future, Johnson will announce his top schools with the list being narrowed down to a top-eight or top-10 schools in the next few months, and at this time, he is planning to stay in the class of 2025.

Johnson did, however, add that reclassifying to the class of 2024 is still an option.

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