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Tyler Herro on relationship with Devin Booker: “He’s somebody I’ve always looked up to.”

Herro is trying to take that next step, much like Booker has done in the past several years

Phoenix Suns v Miami Heat Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

The Kentucky bond at the highest level in basketball has been around for years.

Whether it was DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis who spent time together on the Pelicans or some other combination of players that have been through Lexington and competed in the NBA, the brotherhood of those that have traveled through the Kentucky program has consistently been present.

Tyler Herro and Devin Booker have maintained that, and the former has been taking a few lessons from the All-Star Phoenix Suns guard. The main takeaway is that, in order for Herro to take his game to the next level, he must bring his teammates with him.

That’s at least what Herro took away from how Booker has been able to one-up his play.

“We’re both scorers, but I think when he took the next step was really just playmaking, making the right play and making his teammates better,” Herro said via the Miami Herald’s Anthony Chiang.

Herro hit the nail on the head with that as well. Booker used to average just a few assists per game but has topped five per game in four of his last six seasons which has coincided with the Suns continually being a top contender in the Western Conference.

While Herro is getting there, he’s still been a score-first guard, but it’s clear he knows where he can improve. Herro, who has been playing in Booker’s signature shoe, had this to say about Booker as well.

“He’s obviously a good friend of mine, somebody I see in the summers. So it’s always good to compete against people that you once looked up to and now is one of my peers. So to be able to compete against him now is great, it’s fun.”

Herro has been injured for much of the season, managing time in just 19 games.

However, in those, he’s averaging 22.4 points per game and shooting 43.5% from the field along with 41.2% from deep.

At just 23, the sky is the limit for Herro, and he should continue to improve as his experience and time in the league lengthens.