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Mark Stoops leaves Louisville off of final Coaches Poll

Rightfully so.

Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The college football season is officially over, as the Michigan Wolverines took home the title in Houston on Monday night.

Now, with the offseason officially kicking off, there had to be one final coaches poll to get the fanbase fired up for the future of their programs.

For Mark Stoops, the rivalry took another step in the right direction against the Louisville Cardinals, as he left the Cards off his final ballot.

After a picture-perfect first 11 games of the season, the last three could not have gone any worse for the Cardinals. It started with the Cats upset win on Floyd Street on Thanksgiving weekend, and carried into the team laying an egg against Florida State in the ACC Championship. Not to mention getting outmatched in the Holiday Bowl against a USC with key players like Caleb Williams opting out.

Now, despite the ending of the year, the Cards did finish the year at 10-4 and have plenty of momentum heading into the offseason.

Did Mark Stoops do this to help stir up the rivalry more? Absolutely not. It will make it that much sweeter, however, if the Cats pick up another win against the Cards next season.

Go Cats!